My Services

WHY retain A Parenting Consultant?  WHY retain my services for You?

Parenting Consultants in the family court are not mandated by Minnesota Statute and are created solely on the basis of an agreement or contract for services by one or more of the parties.

Retaining an Expert, such as myself, are critically helpful in a divorce situation or to aid in post divorce matters, And/or to aid in creating a positive parenting experience for you and your child(ren) amidst the challenges of you co-operating with their other parent.
A parenting consultant can essentially can be retained for whatever purpose that they are needed for.  

As an Expert Parenting Consultant, I can assist You in 3 Vital areas:

1. Understanding How the court “system” works, or more often, how it doesn’t work well in creating custody agreements or safe-guarding the best parenting time for You with your precious child(ren).


2. To support your efforts, either without, or with an attorney in the process of going through the family court “system”. For example:


I am an expert in helping you Understand the critical nature and work necessary to create and produce your answers to successfully complete a Unique and One-Of-A-Kind document essential to establishing your case Correctly and in alignment with “The 13 points of Custody”, for which either a custody evaluator would be addressing in their report to the court, AND/or your attorney would want to know or need to have in order to represent your case properly and legally to the other party’s attorney, and most certainly the Judge of Family Court were your case go to a Hearing and/or Trial for Custody issues or Parenting Time issues.


3. If You are having any difficulty in having the other parent understand or communicate and/or cooperate with you regarding your child(ren)! This can be a simply as them trying to control you, OR as seriously injurous to you and your children if they are creating Parental Alienation or False Allegations of Abuse.  GET ON THE PHONE NOW WITH ME!

For these and/or any other Unique matters to your situation, CALL ME!