About Matthew

About  Matthew

Matthew Sikich, Personal and Family Dynamics and Business Consultant, and Author has spent over three decades working with individuals, couples, families, and businesses, helping them create the most loving, successful, and powerful relationships.

In Matthew’s own words, here is his personal mission statement:
“I am dedicated to providing the most positive and creative choices and loving solutions for individuals, couples, families, and businesses; Enhancing their Lives, and resolving problems, challenges and conflicts into WIN/WIN outcomes, utilizing the best resources and professionals to do so!”
Matthew earned his Major in Theology from St. John’s University, and has completed over 6,000+ hours of post graduate education and research, including courses on:
* Personal and Human Development
* Spirituality and Theology
* Interpersonal Communication
* Personal and Family Dynamics
* Business Management/Marketing/Sales
* Athletic Coaching/Motivation/Winning
Matthew is also certified and received advanced training on:
* Certification in Athletic Coaching
* Certification in Super Learning and Holographic Sound ( John David Learning Institute )
* Certification as a Neurolinguistic Practitioner ( Anthony Robbins Research Institute )
* Advanced Training in Family Law, Mediation and Dynamics of Dissolution
* Advanced Training in Mentoring ( The World Wide Group )

Matthew Has Also Created And Taught The Following Courses:

* Interpersonal Communication Styles, Strategies, and Choices
* MASTERY OF LOVING Communications Course
* Wellness Courses
* Positive Parenting for Parents
* Joyful Teaching for Teachers
* The 5 Buying Habits
* The “WOW” Experience: A MASTERY Course in Human Development
* MASTERY of Barter and Trade
* MASTERY of Selling
* MASTERY of ManagementCHARITY and NON-Profit Work and Support for :

Being an integral part of a community is paramount to Matthew, and he has long been active in civic and community organizations, charities and non-profit organizations, including:
* Animal Rescue Groups
* Boy and Girl Scouts of America
* Boys and Girls Clubs of America
* Children’s Heartlink
* Churches ( various Non-denominational Faiths)
* Dakota Valley Symphony
* Diabetes Foundation
* El Fondo
* Faith’s Lodge
* Finnegan’s Community Fund
* Fuller Center for Housing
* Habitat for Humanity
* Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
* Hope Filled Hands
* Kindness International
* Make-A-Wish Foundation
* March of Dimes
* Minnesota Mentoring Partnership
* Minnesota Soccer Association
* Minnesota Youth Soccer Association
* Missing Children Minnesota
* North Hennepin Community College Foundation
* Resource Center for Fathers and Families
* ResourceWest ( Hopkins)
* Salvation Army
* SpareKey
* Teen Challenge
* The Dwelling Place
* The Retreat