False Abuse Allegations

Are you the victim of False Accusations of Child Abuse  ?


The use of false accusations of abuse in child custody proceeding is horrendous !

It is COMMON for the Courts choose to “err on the side of caution,” and refuse to grant custody to the accused parent. Sometimes, the accused parent cannot even obtain unsupervised parenting time (child visitation), much less custody, even after an investigation finds no evidence of abuse !


Making a false abuse allegation is a horrible thing to do to a child, much less the other parent. The child(ren) will often have to undergo unnecessary and intrusive medical and psychological examinations. If the allegations are of sexual abuse, the physical examinations of the child can be extremely embarrassing to the child.

Depending upon the age of the child(ren), the false accusations can cause a terrible rift and /or alienation between the child and the accused parent, not to say how much Parenting Time and childhood/parental bonding is Lost forever between the child(ren) and the accused parent !

Historically, parents who complained of false accusations were ignored, or had little or NO EXPERT Help to remedy the situation.  Recent studies illustrate how common false allegations are. Studies indicate that up to 60% of accusations of abuse were related to marital breakup, and in two thirds of those cases there was no evidence of any abuse.

There is tremendous pressure on a psychologist, social worker, guardian ad litem, custody evaluator, Judge, to presume the truth of abuse allegations made in the context of a divorce.
While both mothers and fathers have brought false abuse allegations in divorce proceedings, mothers are more likely to be believed.  Would you like to know why ?

Using false accusations of abuse to gain an advantage in child custody proceedings is a horrible thing to do to a child.

False accusations should be taken very seriously by courts, and should be viewed as strong evidence that a parent has little concern for the child’s mental well-being, and cares even less about the child’s relationship with the other parent.
The irresponsibility, sinister attitude, and EVIL actions of a parent who make false accusations to hurt their spouse, or to influence a child custody action, has caused grave harm to children involved in these false accusations !

Using a child to inflict harm on the other parent or to alienate or end the child’s relationship with the other parent is one of the most evil crimes perpetrated upon a child and the other parent !

If you face false accusations of abuse, you are likely to face a costly and awfully difficult legal battle.
YOU and Your child(ren) will NOT WIN UNLESS You get the help of an Expert, such as me, who knows how the “System” works, or better yet “doesn’t work” to help You PROVE Your innocence.
In criminal court, you are Presumed Innocent UNLESS proven guilty by a Jury of 12.
In Family Court : one letter, one accusation, one person can separate your child(ren) from you, and
                           Can Move an entire Court “SYSTEM” to act as if
                           you are GUILTY UNTIL YOU PROVE You are Innocent !

  ARE YOU at that stage or fear it ?   CALL ME NOW
Don’t You want someone on YOUR SIDE who understands the legal and psychological issues involved in false accusation cases, and who has experience both in Defending falsely accused parents, proving their Innocence, and proving that the other parent is the one who has or intending to harm your child(ren) by accusing You, OR Alienating your child(ren) from YOU !
In one noteworthy case, a young child told her father of improper touching by a babysitter, and he reported the allegations to the authorities. When social workers investigated, the mother accused the father of molesting the daughter. This resulted in a long legal battle, where the father had to fight for even limited access to his daughter. During the father’s four-year legal battle, the mother was diagnosed as mentally ill, and was temporarily institutionalized. The social workers investigating the case wrote a report, fretting that the father might gain custody as a result of the hospitalization. Eventually, the father managed to convince a court that the charges were false, and he did gain custody of his daughter, but the emotional and financial consequences of the false allegations were enormous.